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Frontier7 is a consumer intelligence technology dedicated to understanding the drivers of human behavior.

In a time when there are an ever increasing number of consumer choices, we are at the frontier, helping brands adapt. Our software, framework, and approach lead to emotional, cognitive, and behavioral insights that help you answer the ‘why’ and enable you to understand:



Understand who your current and potential consumers are. Our platform automatically develops customer personas to inform more effective engagements.



Use videos, images, or surveys to understand what your consumers are thinking and insights into their values, lifestyles, motivations, and preferences.



Design experiments and engage your target audience to understand the ‘why’ behind their behaviors, sentiments, and thoughts.

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How it works



Create your own project or ask our advice on how to meet your most pressing business needs. There is an art and a science to asking the right questions.


Directly engage your existing customers or access our on-line community of 50+ million consumers ready to be activated within minutes.


Gather the most relevant data to your business needs using interactive visuals, videos, or questionnaires. Reach your target audience via email, SMS, social media, or at the point-of-sale.


Let our virtual data scientist analyze both quantitative and qualitative data for you in seconds. Spend your time using those insights where they have the biggest impact for your business.

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