Our Research Philosophy

The data you collect should be relevant and meaningful

Receiving answers to your business questions starts with collecting the right data by asking the right questions. Otherwise, your entire effort is a waste. Frontier7 provides you with the most recent cutting edge technology and support, so you can collect powerful data.

Your business questions should dictate the analysis method

Some business questions require basic descriptive statistics, while others demand advanced techniques relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning to analyze text data. Our automated analysis solutions, for both quantitative and qualitative data are available for your business needs.

There is power in combining intelligence with elegance

Presenting sophisticated data in a simple and visually compelling way enables optimal consumption and understanding. Our visualization tools are interactive, visually appealing, and flexible in helping you maximize the value of your research.

Our Story

frontier7 about

Frontier7 reflects deeply held beliefs of its co-founders: that we give our best to the world by continuously pushing our own limits, and reaching new levels of excellence.

Our passion for high altitude mountain climbing brought us together – Tim, a former Army Special Operations officer and MIT Sloan MBA, and Naira, an accomplished academic and management consultant with a history of working to understand human psychology through data driven analysis.

Together, we started a company committed to enabling others to reach new heights through understanding data.