About Us

We believe the data you collect should be relevant and meaningful
The Frontier7 approach to research is based on the most recent cutting edge thinking to uncover real behavioral influences.  We provide optimal understanding of your target audience.
Receiving answers to your business questions starts with collecting the right data by asking the right questions in the most ideal format. Otherwise, it is just collecting data for data’s sake.


We believe business questions should dictate the analysis method
Different business questions often need to be addressed using different types of statistical analyses. Some require basic descriptive statistics such as trend analysis or comparison analysis, while others demand more advanced techniques relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI)Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning to analyze text data.
Our automated analysis solutions, for both quantitative and qualitative data fit whatever your needs may be.
We believe in the power of combining intelligence with elegance
Presenting sophisticated data in a simple and visually compelling way enables optimal consumption and understanding. Our visualization tools are interactive, visually appealing, and flexible in helping you maximize the value of your research.